What is the purpose of a Wellness Fair?

A wellness fair is a Workshop day provided by an employer to help promote and educate employees on health and wellness. Although wellness fairs are typically planned and hosted by an employer.

Many employers see wellness fairs as an essential part of their strategy. Wellness fairs can be a great approach to…

  • Reducing the burden of chronic health conditions on the company’s healthcare costs
  • Educating employees on relevant preventative healthcare
  • Giving employees the support and resources, they need to maintain good health

Compiling educational health content into a resource library for employees to access at any time is a great way to provide support, but it doesn’t always guarantee engagement. Because wellness fairs take the form of social events with face-to-face conversations, they are distinctly engaging in nature. Employees are more likely to be engaged at a live event and stay motivated afterward.

For example, a health fair may include:

  • Basic healthcare education and resource-sharing
  • Biometric screenings and HRAs such as:
  • height
  • weight
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar
  • CPR and first aid demonstrations
  • Smoking cessation program information and resources
  • Preventative care for common health conditions likes; diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.